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 What I enjoy most about being a Realtor is the excitement of helping families and first time home buyers achieve their dream of home ownership. The best part of my work is about helping people and making valuable connections!

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Buyer’s Guide


Buying a home can be a of the big decision that requires a lot of planning to make the process run smoothly. Here is a general overview of the process.

Get Your Finances In Order

Speak with a mortgage specialist to get pre-approval and determine what your mortgage rate and limits will be.  Be prepared to submit financial documents and always shop around for the best rates. Your Realtor can assist you by providing a list of mortgage specialist. 

Visualize Your Dream Home

Think about your real estate goals and features of the property you are looking for.  You may want to consider things like access to schools, grocery stores, public transportation, traffic, recreational facilities and rental and vacancy rates. 

Meet With a REALTOR®

Next you will be meet your  REALTOR®  to assist you with your search.  You're REALTOR® will sit down with you to go over the consumers relations guide and buyer-brokerage agreement which authorizes the  REALTOR® to show you properties and act on your behalf prior to showing you any properties,. This will give you the opportunity ask questions and discuss fees and expectations.  

The Search

Your REALTOR® will set up a search based on your criteria using the MLS system and will be in contact with you as frequently as needed. Many buyers also enjoy using search engines such as to supplement and assist in the search process.  If you as you are interested in a property,  your REALTOR® will arrange to have a  private viewing of the property with you. 


Once you have found a property that interest you, your REALTOR®  will assist with negotiating and placing an offer on the property.  Negotiations can be a long and complex process, especially when there are multiple offers  on a property or if the desired property does not accurately reflect market conditions.  Often times there may be conditions placed on the offer to ensure the buyer's interest are protected. 


Once an offer has been accepted, you will need to conduct a home inspection, speak to a lawyer, and finalize your mortgage documents.  Your REALTOR® will check up on you to ensure the process is happening smoothly and will guide you through the process.  Congratulations, you will now be ready to move into your new home!

Please describe your Dream Home

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Nathan T. Hong

Charles Real Estate. #205, 4915 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta T2S 2L4, Canada

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Search for properties

image289 is an excellent  public resource that many of my clients like to use. There's much to see there, so take your time and look around. Once you find something that you like, contact me. I will arrange a private tour of any of the properties that you are interested in viewing. Never wait for an open house again, get a private viewing of the properties on your own schedule. 

Do you simply have questions or need more information about any of the properties listed? Let me gather the facts and verify the details for you to ensure you are getting accurate and relevant information. I can also gather details on the neighborhood, proximity to schools, churches, public transit, grocery stores, as well as rental and vacancy rates in the area if you are considering an investment property. 

Nathan T. Hong

Charles Real Estate. #205, 4915 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta T2S 2L4, Canada

Mobile (403) 813-9094 Office (403) 267-0000

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